The Green Bowl

24. joshua-newton-146009-unsplash

The Green Bowl


That girl sings like a desert creature

Dry and howling

Forever prowling for ghosts and bone

There is an ancient tone

Rising like a desert mountain

A sandy fountain of dust and memory

A world descended from its former glory

Who knows her story


Were there oceans here once?

Did mermaids swim here

Where the coyote now hunts?

Here, you could parch to death

There, you could drown

Now after unfollowable centuries

Lives choked down in silence

The mountains rise up like bellies

Like breasts

Like turned-over cups


There’s too much sun in this awful place

Like a skull with a smile

Frozen on its face

Don’t believe it

Don’t go laughing and dancing in this heat

There is nothing here to save you

Just a world to repeat

Where that girl is still singing


What is still changing?

I can hear her from here

Sing with terrible courage

Right into the fear


By Julie Flanders

Photo by Joshua Newton







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