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Journal Page


Did God invent us

Because he likes stories

Or because he likes jokes

The wheel of the earth

Turns around its hidden spokes

Perfect orbit, perfect angle

Perfect distance from the sun

How did we get so lucky

To live on this one



You tried to cross the river

Jumping log to log to log

Finally you fell into the water

And we all laughed

And your half golden retriever

Barked for its fallen master

Who lives as fast as he can

And sometimes tries to live

Even faster


I say we should live slower

I say I should not be such a disaster

I should be a stranger to myself

I should be so new and different

I could say about myself

I don’t even know her

She’s nothing like I used to think

She’s everything I want to be

And everything I feel when I see the sun


And disappear


I want to sink too

To go farther down than fear

I want to sink into your heart

And let my rhythm pound in the heart of you

I want to sing in the heart of everything

Until I give God his due

Maybe by loving myself

I will finally be ready to love you



By Julie Flanders

Photo by Hugues de Buyer Mimeure






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