An Affair with a Rainbow – HONORABLE MENTION

An Affair with A Rainbow

 (Art is an expression of love or it is nothing.   Marc Chagall)

You spread the velvet red,

Heart flutters and flips 

You feel a sudden burn for more 

Veins swell of heat 

Sweet trickle down your face, hand, 

And thighs

So you splash a little yellow and 

Out of butter -lust 

With the want of more! 

Sun grows bolder

In its heat

Tickles toe tips and fingers—

Apply more paint!

Change the brush. Smear blue, white, 

Turquoise, soft mysterious gray

Till the eyes fill with tears—

How can sea and sky flirt 

With power, with passion?

The colors seem to lick the skin

Kiss the face, hands, chest, abdomen, 

Dimples of Venus 

As if too deep in the ocean or too close to heaven,

And you have a hard time breathing.

Grab a pallet knife of black 

Making trees and branches to hold onto,

Close your eyes and 

The absence of light haunts you

As if you had been long void of feeling.

This affair is turning to love,

Picture shapes, more strokes, more color 

Hard strokes faster, faster and stronger 

Till hands up thrown to the ecstatic air

The spentness of it all,

And you, done to this,

Pray a new fire.

(c) 2020 Stan Sujka

Stan Sujka is a physician poet, part of the “Twelve Chair” poetry group in Orlando Florida and member of the Central Florida Chapter of the Florida State Poets Association.


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