How You Got Here

Under any other circumstances
you would not be here
but because my father found that lot
in Burlington Heights, built our house there
and joined North Roanoke Baptist Church
I met your grandmother.

That was 1962,
the first time I fell in love with her
was a year later at an ice skating party,
with the church youth group.
she was sweet to me
even though I couldn’t skate

She wore blue velvet,
or something close enough to velvet
that her gliding around the rink
anchored that song in my heart
where it has remained
all these years since

That’s how it all started,
the tidbits of our histories
up to our marriage,
then your mom’s birth
we’ll save for another time

What I want you to understand
Is how unique you are,
how in the cosmic scheme
of things it all fell into place
that you are here, a beautiful accident

Just like I was,
Just like every other person,
on this earth,
for better or worse,
since the first human sunrise

So celebrate your being,
revel in the chance meeting
of your mom and dad
and at your great grandfather
finding that lot in Burlington Heights

Bobby Myers lives with his wife of nearly 48 years on twenty-five acres in the mountains of southwest Virginia. He is retired from a life, first as a labor leader and lastly in public service for the Commonwealth.


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