Eskimo Cloud


By Julie Flanders


I was born in the snow; it is what I love

It is what I know

We have many names for ice

And for moments

You will never think twice about

I know how to love the cold—do you?


Fifty words, and I’m still counting

The ways to name the snowdrifts

Mounting to form this luminous blanket of white

Covering and revealing the barbed light of winter


We are

A tiny sliver of life pulsing

On a knife of crystal and ice

We sparkle and imagine that we matter

And then we do

We matter to each other


Do I matter to you?


Will you lie with me in this dream?

Somewhere between outer space

And a mountain of ice cream

We could lie in the fractals

That blow sugar over everything

And I will make you warm


Because I know how

To do what is not allowed in less beautiful places

I know that when winter erases the landscape

We will appear here in a new light

As closeness replaces our fear

And invites us into an utter cloud of white

Where we are humbled

To see the dust of the night


Will you lie with me in this cloud?

Somewhere between inner calm

And screaming out loud

We could lie here

And the cold will bring

Sweetness in the powder

That blows completeness

Into everything



Learn to love the snow

I will teach you

To kiss

Like an Eskimo


Photo by Paul Itkin

Tundra.Paul Itkin



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