Under Tucson Skies

By Julie Flanders


Cacti standing with their noses in the air

Dreaming of arms

They will have one day

A century from now

One among them does a sun salutation

Like some ancient yoga instructor

Ineluctably praising the source of all creation

Arms rising in permanent elation


I miss you here

Where each tiny patch of green

Is the fiercest miracle I have ever seen

Where the desert and the chapped mountains

Make me appreciate the thoughtless fountains of Manhattan

And the soft, color-bent satin of flowers

In the classic garden where I sit with you

And stare out at the square foothills of Fifth Avenue


Yesterday I saw a small yellow bloom growing

Amid the vicious scrub of weeds that spread

On this loom of desert

Where I could believe that nothing grows

And yet this tiny flower was as thrilling as any rose


My thoughts of you today are like thoughts of the sea

Spilling limitless beauty and power

Far away from me

And as I sit and marvel at these desert skies

As blue as the ocean of your eyes

I remember that once, long ago

There was water here

Deep enough to fill the canyons


The cactus still remembers that

And reaches down where the earth is dry

To pull its water toward the sky

Each limb a green and pink and breathing fountain


And then I think of you again

And see the mountain


30. cacti2



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