Ancient Sequence

Before the threads of light
Tore apart and
Wove a frictive spark
Of life
That broke through the
Eternal darkness
What was there?
When I think of endless space
Without the grace of
Time and place
Without the perfect memory
Of your face
With your soft halo of hair
Into the world
I cannot think or feel
Or even dare to imagine
That anything else is real
Beyond this one joyous fathoming
Of you
The first explosion
And its arc
Of imagination
From explosion
And creation
To this fragile moment of sensation
What was there before that?
And its mystic code
And all the distance that it rode
From that mysterious inception
To this palpable connection
I make
With all of time
Through this one second
And in this nexus
We find the ancient sequence
That allows us to be
And to see sense
In all this chaos
Where we finally enter
Through each other
Into the center
Of the All
The one
The no-thing
Every-thing we call

© 2023 Julie Flanders
Photo credit: Isaac Quesada
April is Poetry Month Day 30
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