Our Own Hands

Polar bear attacking underwater with full paw blow details showing the extended claws, webbed fingers and lots of bubbles (focus on bubbles) – bear looking at camera. See more of my animal photos at http://tonytremblay.com/sylvie/animal.jpg

The day is translucent
The air still breathes winter
We breathe winter in
It might be the last time
We take this breath
Of cold
For granted
As the world grows old
And weary of itself
There is no reservoir
For the arctic shelf
As it collapses
Waters rise
And we close our eyes
To hear the choral reef
Sing grief into the tide
Whales ghost-ride
The eastern coast
Fish die
Birds fly 
But fail to understand
That soon
There will be no place to land
We once went to the zoo
And saw a polar bear
Underwater dancing
In crazy tiny circles
A tiny, fancy illusion
Of movement and freedom
We could not unsee him
One day 
We may be him
Prisoners of our own small world
As eternal summer settles in
And we become the skin
Of parchment upon which we write
Our sins
Before we do one last confession
The earth was beautiful
That was the lesson
We failed to understand
We erased ourselves
With our own hand

© 2023 Julie Flanders
April is Poetry Month Day 29
To learn more and ENTER our 5th annual poetry contest, please click here: https://octoberprojectmusic.com/poetrycontest/


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