magical picture, girl with red hair runs into dark mysterious forest, lady in long elegant royal expensive emerald green turquoise dress with flying train, amazing transformation during fiery sunset.

The leaves gossip
The sky pretends
Clouds stand back
In dark insecurity
They will arrive
They will go away
The world is mutable
Shaped by unseen hands
As the universe contracts
And expands
We stand
Holding our absurd plans
As if they were real
A map is not the territory
The territory is not really
What is there
But we stand
In the bright afternoon air
Listen to the trees
And give voice to the air
What a song
Nature sings
We are the audience
Of peasants
Miniature, meaningless, cosmic
Little things
We are the witness
We are the mirror
The eyes of the universe
Seeing itself
What a beautiful
Miraculous day
We hold what we can
These leaves blow toward us
Before they blow

© 2023 Julie Flanders
April is Poetry Month Day 26
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