Baby Fetus hologram on dark blue background.

What baby grows inside
Life giving life to itself
Life giving itself to me
You are all that I see
When I see a flower
A sky, a mountain
A bird singing before it flies up
You are the kick, the push
The puppy snuggling into its mother
To sleep
You are the life I give
Knowing I cannot keep it
I let go
I let you go
I let you come back
And stay
But the greatest love
I have learned
Is to let you go away
Some days I want to scream
Come home, come back
Come back to me
So, I can come back to life-giving
Other days
I know that the seasons
The cycles, the endings
Are as right as the beginnings
The middle, the puzzle
The riddle, the old man
Who plays crazy fiddle in the street
Some things are complete
In and of themselves
Fairies, dragons
Childhood, elves
The future halves itself
And remains whole
It is your own life you stole
Your own choices
Your right to control what is yours
I pour gold in the cracks
Of the broken bowl
The beauty of what has been cracked
Closes as it heals

© 2023 Julie Flanders
April is Poetry Month Day 25
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