Am I Home

Country house backyard exterior with bench after snowfall.

The pipes rattle
And spit steam
You wake
As if in a dream
Walking territories
You’ve never seen
You shake snow
From the branch of the tree
Shake salt
On the pavement
Assess the debris
Nature sits still
This morning
But you are still full
Of the storm 
Full of its warning force
The air is so still
And clear
You can hear the echo
Of what you fear
As if it were a song
We all need
To touch
To feel
Let me remind you
You are strong
And I love you
The sky still raises itself
Above you
As if to say
You exist
In this persistent mess
This is nothing less than a miracle
We share
You are so far away
But we inhale the same air
From the same sky
Is this home, you ask
And I reply
Home is you
And I
Everything may go, but
Home is what will
Still be
Home is you and me
You and I
You and me

© 2023 Julie Flanders
April is Poetry Month Day 24
To learn more and ENTER our 5th annual poetry contest, please click here:


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