You Dream Flowers

She wanted to get up before the sun
But she woke late
By hours
Still dreaming
Flowers forming a cross in a field—
An X actually
An asterisk of sun-
Flowers growing inside her

As the real sun rose
Roses in a stealth of clouds
The earth shrouding itself
From the burn of a light
Too bright, it seems

She farms the dreams
As the last moving image
Streams the flow into
From the infinite cup
Of transfiguration

But she must get up
And break the flow
Symbol farm
Let it go
Time to wake up
Shake it off
Have some coffee
Hear your husband
Pollen in the backyard

Why is it so hard
To leave the dream farm
And come back
To the New York Times
Frontpage farmers
Scorched by their own rage
A newspaper framing the attacks
To sell an ad

You are aching with need
The stars bleed light
But you are a farmer of the night
Throwing seed after seed
Into the soil of the day
As dreams recede
Into the frantic toil

The making of hay
The squeeze of the bees
For honey
The hive of crypto minds
Mining money
Bits and bytes of reality
Gone mad
Possibly the whole world
Breaking bad

You dream past the day
You have not yet had
And reach your mind across the
Toward awaiting fields
Of consciousness and symbols
And flowers
Rising in the depleted soil
Rising from the dead creatures
That once walked the earth
Before they become the oil
That burns the future
You have yet to see

You finally close the gate
Open eyes
The last glimpse of a dream

Let the first email scream
Sutures where you had been
To see
Now you feel the day
The bleed of beauty
And close the ethereal skin
That lets you
Feel, sense
Travel in

In, in
To universes
You no longer doubt
The reality of a reality
That leads first in
Then out and up
And beyond
To spaces without direction
To worlds you visit
And return from
Without detection
As you dive into the lakes
Of infinite reflection

Where you can finally
In that sacred space
See your true self
Wear your true face
Take off the body of shame
That suffers this life-killing place
So, your spirit can inhabit
Divinity and grace of
All the important powers
You dream

You dream

© 2023 Julie Flanders

Photo Credit: Jr. Korpa


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