I set out in a boat

Of leaves

To find a man

Who silently grieved

On an island

The waves came

Up and over my skin

The boat disappeared

I began to swim

Into the unknown

I fell asleep

In the frozen waves

Where the ghosts were


From watery graves

Embracing each other

In silence


For centuries

Breathing the waves

I lived in the ocean

In fearful caves

For love is a power

That kills

As it saves

Love is a dreadful teacher

I lay down

On the loneliest beach

Beneath broken cliffs

That I could not reach

Where a man could die

Or a woman could perish

In search of something to love

Or to cherish

And there on the shore

Was my boat made of leaves

And a note

From the man who had left it

For the seas

Where the heart is

So full of itself

It deceives and cheats


With an ace up its sleeve

Some things you have to believe

To see

Some things you have to let go of

To be

I left what I had

And you left what you grieved

So what

We could risk everything now

To retrieve our soul

No angels arriving

Just will for surviving

To emerge

From the ocean


And whole

The life you were mourning

Torn open

So that you could

Be born

So that you could re-

Form your life

Into love

© 2022 Julie Flanders

April is Poetry Month Day 27

Image by: Jeremy Bishop


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