First snow fell last night

Light, soft, bright, white


The morning changes our eyes

From fall

Falling to sleep

To winter’s deep


To hold us in a dream

Of the last season of the year

I wish you were here

It is almost the day you were born

Your birthday

I still mourn

I still miss you



This year I will bring a tree

Bring it home

Drink whisky and tea

And stare out

From my warm house

Into the beautiful

Cold world

The snow is a gift

The snow is a warning

The snow has gathered

And swirled

Danced and landed

Each flake an angel’s curl

Forsaking its unique shape

To fall

A pearl among pearls

To earth

A blanket finding berth

For a moment

Or a day

A bed of beauty

That appears

So real

Before it disappears

I return to you

I go back years

To where you still dance

And swirl

You are young

We laugh like girls

We jump into a sky

Where the future unfurls

Before us

As we plunge

Into a bright, summer lake

Feel the water break

As our bodies disappear

The memory melts

The memory freezes

In time

Returning to snow

My mind frozen

And unfrozen again

As this day opens

And then

A cardinal lands

Like a blood sign

A red heart

An evergreen pine

This moment winds

And unwinds

Before it declares itself


The symbols align

You arrive

You depart

I find you

I lose you

I forget where to start

There is no ending

I know you by heart

© 2022 Julie Flanders

April is Poetry Month Day 25

Image by: Marina Belica


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