A Leaf’s Fall

By Robert Amenta

I’ve grown attached to this good old tree
This was a good summer you see
We spent many warm days with the sun so high
And stunning nights under a starlit sky
I was very green when I was not so old
And now I wear my fall colors of gold
With a cool breeze I make a rustling sound
And soon I will make my fall to the ground
I will have to say good-bye to this good old tree
He was very attached to me
So now I will let go and fly with the wind
Like a sail that catches a swift breeze within
Suddenly the wind changes in all kinds of directions
I was tumbling and twirling and trying to make my corrections
Just then the winds finally stop
Which left me floating down in a gentile rock
Out of the blue a swift breeze flew by
That powers me around the sky
I circle around and have the ground in my sight
As I prepare to land from this leafs flight
As I prepare to land from this leafs fight
Unforeseen I fell into the hands of a little child’s leap
Daddy this one I want to keep


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