Just One More Time… 

“To be drunk, in love, and in NYC,” just one more time. Thinking I am invincible; both invisible and bullet proof. Piling into a taxi after 1:00 am, heading uptown,
Laughing at traffic, sweaty and smiling, holding your hand, Our ears ringing from loud noises and recent music. 

Stopping at the bodega around the corner,
Picking up a cold pint of Frusen Glädjé and the
Sunday New York Times, just delivered but
Not completely assembled, and paying with a Hamilton Before bounding up the stairs of my walk-up flat. 

Waking up with a stunning red head in my bed
(And I married her, you bums). Grinding beans and Cranking up hot coffee in huge white cups
Seasoned with vanilla, half-and-half, and cinnamon sugar. Pouring through the paper, and then a hot shower. 

Broad shoulders sporting perfect pink Brooks button-down, Khaki trousers with a ridiculous Ralph Lauren striped cotton belt, Topsiders pre-tied with knots at the ends. No sox.
A splash of Paco Rabanne Cologne, only for her sake,
And bounding down the steps again into warm sunshine. 

Within a five block walk are dozens of brunch joints,
Most featuring generous Bloodys or bottomless Mimosas,
Eggs benedict, perhaps, or flapjacks with bacon,
Or a goat cheese salad slathered with Vidalia onion vinaigrette. Or waffles with a rich mysterious sweet fruit viscid atop. 

Our waitress makes an obvious pass at my date,
As if I need any validation of her beauty, wit, and desirability, Still, it’s not a bad compliment, I guess, and we
Share a smile and a knowing laugh. Her bill, with a decent tip, Disappears with a swipe of American Express. Feeling full of myself and awed by good fortune, I know The week begins, and back to the grindstone
Working hard and under pressure on things
That likely won’t mean a damn, still being paid handsomely. Life has moments worth living again.

(c) 2020 Jeffrey Manning

Jeff is a Managing Director with CohnReznick Capital and is based in the Baltimore office. His poems “Red Chief” and “Just One More Time” – a poem written for this year’s Valentine’s Day – are winning submissions in the Metropolitan Diary.


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