The silence after a poem is read

I enter a bowl of sky
humming wheel
a leopard’s lens
focused on the kill
then, shimmering
reflection soft
plover wing over water
waves water fall
into glass

This drink is nutrient dense
riparian cinema rife with
kinglet egret dipper rail
swallow swan thrasher thrush
kingdom come on wing again
I bow to the mother mind

She steers migrations
along earth’s meridians
lines rising through time
now eternal on the page

(c) 2020 Lindsay Rockwell

CONGRATULATIONS to Lindsay Rockwell, the FIRST PRIZE WINNER of our 2nd Annual October Project Poetry Contest! Lindsay’s love of poetry is born from her curiosity of unifying themes of nature, science and theology, as well as her mother’s literary passion. Lindsay is a medical oncologist with the Mass General Cancer Center in Northampton, MA.


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  1. Sheila Clough says:

    Congrats That is terrific…One of your patients

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