No Argument


First the facts

Then the truth

The facts speak

For themselves

The truth sits


In your throat




An abandoned boat

Washing to shore

After a storm

The facts warn

The truth

Already knows

The wind sits


The wind blows

Fate moves


And away from us

As we debate here

Or there


Or here

The truth is every-


The facts are only

Where they say they are


Up in front

Of the classroom

Shouting, spitting, sifting

Through an argument

You can’t argue with


Not so

The truth—

Doesn’t need to prove

It’s right

It still sings

The song of your heart

All day

All night

It lets the facts


Without a fight

The truth knows

It doesn’t matter

Which way the wind blows

The truth is

the wind itself

Knowing the sky is

Only a backdrop

(the truth is,

that’s a lie—

the truth is also the sky)

Facts never lie

They climb on top

And try to unseat you

Lock you in

The truth is


Your next breath

Ready for you

To go

At any time

Ready for you

To stop

©2020 Julie Flanders
Photo Credit: Marina Belica

April is Poetry Month Day 30

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