Yesterday’s Promise


What flows

In the marrow of winter’s cold bones

Flows in your own

Veins of mystery

Move the spirit

In a flood through your body

As you feel the pulse of blood surge

Remembering love

There’s more that you forget

The table you set with your kid

While the dog hid in a corner beneath a chair

All the times you changed your look

New clothes, new hair

All the times you did not know what to wear

None of that matters


All those empty places

You filled with the faces you could

Count on to be there


There are less and less to hold you

To reach you

To make you care how you look

How I miss you

Or the idea of you

Or the idea of myself with you

My heart moving the feeling through me

Through the jugular

Until I’m reeling with memories

And the lack of them

The attack of them

This is a hard time of year

Even the sparrow wants to hide

To disappear

As if a part of the trees


The grief that no one sees

The invisible sting

Of an innocent breeze

Of surprise

I see myself through your eyes

And pause to consider

The immutable gift of time-wise ways

To heal all wounds

I climb to see

The sunset stain the sky

A bloodless miracle

That defies all sorrow

Feel the loss flow

Outward for a while

Borrow nature’s wisdom

Burn the fear

And smile tears

Into tomorrow

©2020 Julie Flanders
Photo Credit Casey Horner


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