Garden Gate Keeper


From the burnt grass
He stares
At the lush flowers
In her garden

You see his face
Like the wall
That stands between them
As if god had never seen them

The smoke of bad weather
Plumes and curls on the mountain
Where flags unfurled this morning
All the warning signs
Of power
Fist around a flower
And broken at its stem

This is the world
Of men
The extinction of the bees
We see
The burning of the trees
Warming the earth
By frightening degrees
The land going barren
The flowers dying

Even the garden
Cannot protect us
From the lie
That tricks the mind

The woman in the garden
Stands behind the wall
Oblivious to the man
Who climbs
Knowing he’ll fall
With all the other
Worker bees
Who pray to god
From injured knees


We once were
Brothers and sisters
Sharing a life
Sharing a paradise
Sharing a world
Worth defending

And now
We are strangers
Sharing a world
That is ending

©2020 Julie Flanders
Photo Credit Vidar Nordli Mathisen

In Honor of Earth Day 2020

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