The Loom of Spring


You weave the hands

Of the trees through

My hair



Every beautiful thing

The wind retrieves

To blow there

I know myself

In your shadow I see

Myself in the open

Eyes of the ever-watching


Above us

I breathe love

Your secrets

Into the whispers

Of the passers-

By one small acorn

In my hand a dandelion

Seed and the single strand

Of grass that grew

Tall and roughhewn


To be rescued and

Brought with me


You are

Everywhere I have ever known

You are what is certain and

You are what is unknown and

You are what I felt

They say

The polar caps will melt

I know

The sea will rise and maybe

Once again we will survive

As starfish or mermaid

Guides to the deeper waters

We are

Ocean suns

Ocean daughters, ocean children

As the year quarters itself

Into streams of the passionate

Light you weave


Through my awareness

The song of the birds

The extraordinary

Sight of spring returning

To itself

As a group

Of daffodils


And stares at me

I stare back

©2020 Julie Flanders
Photo Credit Roksolana Zasiadko

About octoberprojectmusic

Julie Flanders Marina Belica Emil Adler
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