Over the River


We flew below the radar

Beyond the deadline

Right past the security guards

Into Eden


I asked you once to define it

You said

It was something you carried

Inside you

Even if you faced enemy occupation

Even if you were locked in a prison


You’d have to hold freedom

To hold yourself

As if you were a whole nation of selves

I just put a picture of us

Faces full of trust

On one of our shelves

So we could see ourselves smiling back

From the past

Into the future we are making now

If you had asked me then

I’d have said

Freedom is a flower breaking cement

Freedom is a child climbing over a tall fence

To lie in the soft grass watching a star shoot fire

In a perennial summer

Freedom is a tree-swing tire

Freedom is the moment

When you swing higher than you ever did

Then jump farther than you ever went before

Freedom is a portal

A door, a window, a place

You can open within

A place without a need

To compare

Freedom must be

The feeling of wind in the hair

The feeling of holding a hand

While staring


Into the beauty of one another

©2020 Julie Flanders
Photo Credit Eugenia Maximova

About octoberprojectmusic

Julie Flanders Marina Belica Emil Adler
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