Hallway Fixture


She tried to change a light
By herself
It was too high
There were no more bulbs on the shelf

These days
It’s hard to make
The feeling clear
Sit in the dark
Let the absence appear
To steer thoughts
Toward and away from pain

She drives the car to town
Where she parks on Main
Across from the dog who sits
And wags his tail as he barks
At the stain in the sidewalk

These days
It’s hard to know
Just what is real
Sit on a bench
Forget to feel

A sky the color of steel
Peeling away
The remaining layers
The clouds conceal

Maybe the need to stay
Until there’s some rain
To soak through the gray
Drench some reality
Back into the day

No more
Go to the store

Lightbulb in hand
She sees a sign
Be My Valentine
There are no words
Not even a tear
Dry eyes
Dry heart
More sincere

She goes home
And climbs the ladder
To the socket
Changes the light
And puts the dead bulb in her pocket

It will be a while
Before she can throw that one away

By Julie Flanders
(c) Julie Flanders 2020
Photo Credit Mohammad Idris Djoudi

About octoberprojectmusic

Julie Flanders Marina Belica Emil Adler
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