Initiate Fate


We shed our pretenses
And leave them
In the previous decade

We head for the foot of a mountain
We made
But we have yet to climb up

Where we fear
We are out of breath
Out of reasons
But full of good intentions
At least
Some of the time

I’m not that kind of person
I don’t say those kinds of things
I don’t have a walk-in closet
I don’t covet expensive rings

I just want to see
What the next soft moment brings
Between us
We’re going to burrow through
We’re going to find our way
Even when we forget
To do the things we say
We try again

It’s been so long
And we’re still starting where
I don’t know
How we get there
And if we do it’s clear we won’t know

But something in your laughter
Makes me want to do it again
Makes it okay
To feel the overwhelm
And to go through it

We’re ready now
To end this year
To shed our former selves
Step out of our used-up skin
Becoming someone else

Until the newer self appears
We’ll shiver in the wind
Move by faith into the void
And let the new life begin

by Julie Flanders
Photo credit Tangi Bertin

April is Poetry Month Day 1

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