Winner of the October Project Poetry Contest

OP poetry laurel

To My Unborn Boy

by Peter M. Gordon


I picture you now and then

floating in heaven, nose pressed

to the bottom of a cloud watching

the rest of us drive to concerts, games,


school plays, discussing our day

around the kitchen table. Your chair

under the end of the table, alone.

Your mother and I meant to make you,


but your third brother was a whirlwind.

We put you off for a while, and finally

decided it was best for everyone here

to close that door leading to your life.


I like to think you don’t mind much.

You’ve never lived in this world, so

don’t know pain, desire, or joy.

I hope you know when I wave to clouds


today I am waving to you. When we meet

in that place where life always works out

the way we planned we’ll have much to say.

I still wonder what you would have become.



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1 Response to Winner of the October Project Poetry Contest

  1. Nicely done Peter and congratulations as well….

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