The Dress Has A Note On It

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The Dress Has a Note On It


As you feel the stun of the bright day

Through the hospital window

You look past the tubes and plastic

And feel all the ways your heart has become

Elastic with fear

Electric with the currency

Of what is becoming clear

You are saying goodbye to her


And yet it is all a blur

All the time, all the ways, all the memories

She will confer to us


She does not want us to worry or fuss

Or think of other chances she could have

There is nothing left to reach for

Nothing left to grab or seize

Can I go now, she asks



Did you ask the right questions

Is it too late for better answers

Is this the same woman

Who wanted to be one of the Ziegfeld dancers

Or a Taylor, as in Elizabeth


Sometimes you look into her eyes

And see your own failure or successes

You try to feel it

And she blesses you with jokes

At her own expense


And so one of life’s last events drudges by

This will be the last day to occupy

The last dawn, the final curtain

As she gives permission to skip the ending

To be certain to leave at the intermission


I always like to read the last page of a book first

I like to know what will happen

The best of it, or more importantly, the worst

We all know what will happen here

We know our fatal flaw


It’s fatal


Beginning from the moment we are pre-natal

Waiting to arrive

We know there is no way we will go on

No way we will survive

The playground of this dream


I could scream


The window frames the sunshine in a weird way

Making the brightness somehow false

Ugly, gray

Instead I look at you

I look at her

I look away


There is nowhere to go but home

And so we stay

Knowing that platitudes are hollow

We laugh instead

You touch her shoulder

I stroke her head

She will be so happy to leave that bed

For better sleep


There are better memories

We will keep forever

Or at least until we follow her



By Julie Flanders

Photo by Daan Stevens







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