Still Life

28. samuel-zeller-485703-unsplash

Still Life


The picture is upside down

Framed by wood, not by magic

Abstract now, comic


As mortal as the hand that paints

The curtain where the woman faints

Reveals the witness

To the border that decides perception

And reality


Strokes of color, feints of light

The sleight of eye and heart and mind

Creates illusions of the human kind

Stepping out from behind by stepping in

You step into a silence you imagine filling you

Until you do, it does


You stay for now

You cannot hold it somehow

The early sketches kill you with their noises of regret

As the palette forms itself

From all the sorrows that the heart never forgets


Forget it

Let the cacophony ensue

Let the picture change to a transparency

Inside of you

Blank, silent, empty canvasses


Please be still now

Spill, fall, expand, melt

Out of reality

You were never there anyway

The silence still waits for you

What will you say

When the world shouts stay still



By Julie Flanders

Photo by Samuel Zeller






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