Pink Noise

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Pink Noise


I don’t know why I hurt myself

Sometimes it just seems like the best solution

A way to find something new

Or let go of something old

When I’m so sorry I ever told you

What wasn’t even the truth


Sometimes the subject is the object

And I can’t tell the difference trying

Even if I think I occupy the same space

There’s nothing there

Not a trace of something I forgot to fear

It’s too late to keep it from coming near

It’s already inside me


I don’t know why you betray yourself

Sometimes it looks like you have no option

Like you have no better way to stop

Plummeting from the top of the world

Back to where you think you belong


Not sure if it’s weakness

Or just something far too strong to say no to

That terrible urge that makes you stop

And then go to the darkest place

There’s nothing there except what you’ve erased


This is not what I thought it was

But it doesn’t matter because

There are so many better ways to do this

Once you hold me

We’ll go all the way through this together


And that will be nothing like before

The end of the war and the start of the century

Both of us as we are meant to be

Our past slipping even further away

Into the pink noise behind us

Somewhere safe



By Julie Flanders

Photo by Noah Buscher







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