Under the Bed Box

15. annie-spratt-565565-unsplash

Under the Bed Box


A hand-painted photo of your mother and father

A picture of you feeding the ducks at Edgemont Pond

A Polaroid of you with your brothers

A memory of the dress your grandmother brought back from Sweden

The ribbon you wore in your hair on your fourth birthday

(The day you passed your hand through the candle flame

The way you had seen your brotherdo before you

But your mother hadn’t yelled at him, only at you)

Your first piano lesson

Or more importantly, your second piano lesson

When your teacher dropped her jaw

To let your mother knowshe thought you were talented

The day you learned to macramé

And the day you learned to braid your own hair

So that when it unraveled

Everyone might think you had natural curls

The way you wanted

To be like the other girls

The time you wona big award for playing the piano

The secret garden of story and sound in your bedroom

The first suitcase you ever packed

The first time you traveled to another city

With your boyfriend

The home you had to leave and thought you lost

But foundagain

Hearing your son play


By Julie Flanders

Photo by Annie Spratt








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