All Assembled

16. Notre Dame. Photo by Emil Adler

All Assembled


The towers rise where the horizon begins

Giant, mute, silver-haired twins

Cut of the same shape

Throwing sharp blue into a gray landscape


Yesterday you told me about a faun

Playing with the crows

Chasing them until they flew away

Back where your garden grows a little wild


Do the crows know the faun is a child

Do they also love to play

Or are they just too lazy to fly

All the way away


The city is so much a part of me

I can hardly imagine the country today

I wonder what I love about this place

The bridges, the buildings, the waterfront

The fiercely stated, manmade grace


I know these mountains

Wrought in blood and glass

And know they can’t compete

With the wonder of earth and grass

That gently falls over the hills where you live


But still I love this city

And all that it exhausts itself to give me

I love the chirping in its sidewalk trees

I love the squirrels and the pigeons

And that lonely, little paper bag

That moves by me on a breeze


There is something odd about this fragile world

Pretending to be so powerful

When all it wants is to be curled up in itself

With all its people tucked inside a church

Leaving the doors open wide


I know what it is—

This is a sacred space

An altar to our nature as creators

Who embrace our own divine urge

To feel life move through us

And to watch it emerge

Like your flowers

Or like those two towers

That try to touch the sky

Before bending back to the earth


By Julie Flanders

Photo by Emil Adler





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