Keep Me Up

13. Keep Me Up.warren-wong-224421-unsplash

Keep Me Up


Your voice woke me

From a dream of ghosts

Who were turning out the lights

Thank you

For all the ways you bring me back to life


Sometimes I live deeply

Into places that are not real

Places that still feel


With the wounds of the past

These are dead hands

That hold me now

In a lush grave

Of people I loved

But could not save

The child I was

Is still brave

And alone

Please call me back

To my real home


In dreams I run and hide

Wishing there were a place

As safe as I feel when I’m awake

By your side

Please keep shaking me


From these dead souls

Who keen and conjure

And indenture me

Into dangerous dark holes

That lead to the center

Of nowhere


I am awake now

I am out of the house

Where I grew up

And I have put down the strange

And poisonous cup

Of terrible spirits


You know my past

But you don’t fear it


Let’s hold hands

And breathe the fresh air around us

Until we clear this

Let the universe surround us

Full of far away worlds that are still

Somehow near us

And as near as we are

To forever


By Julie Flanders

Photo by Warren Wong





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