Go On

10. Go On.aziz-acharki-196320-unsplash

Go On


Here I am, basket and case

Some wicker figure with a painted face

There you are lighting the match

Hoping to create or destroy it

Hoping the fire will catch


I really am made of straw

But not the kind you sip

To draw the insides out

I’m the kind you think you know

When the field is filled with dark birds

And the sky is low

I’m here to scare the crows

Or to help poor Dorothy find her way

To Oz


I don’t ask why

And you don’t answer me


Here I am, private and wild

To illustrate the book of a child

Who won’t be going home again

And there you are

Skipping to the ending

Always pretending

You know what you want


Go on, light the match

I’ll put my hands out

You’ll throw and I’ll catch

Until I burst into flame


And there you are

Playing your game

Wanting a partner for solitaire

Go on, play the deck

I’ll put my cards down


You’ll throw

And I’ll fetch

Whatever is missing

Whatever is left


By Julie Flanders

Photo by Aziz Acharki





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