Bird Box

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Bird Box


You saw the darkness

In the bird box of your secrets

But you didn’t remove the blindfold


There was a place

But you couldn’t reach it

With your eyes open


You did not forget

The way you came here

But now you are leaving by the river


You were bruised

But you were not broken

Everything is the same here


You are cutting through mysteries

Cutting through the waves of history

And deceit


You are moving through bodies

That are rising from their graves

As life repeats


Have you lost the map to heaven

Or is it kept inside

In the darkness of your secrets


Where the future opens wide

You have heard that darkness

In remembered conversations


As the saints that you lost

Were being moved from their stations

You told yourself where to go


You unset your destination

You began to sing with the birds

Flying lower in your expectations


You felt the darkness

In the wings you dared not open

In the box you chose to carry


To keep the beating heart of hope in

For this is the way now

The way you came


The way that you will go

Even with your blindfold on

This is the way you think you know


Leaving the birds to keep on singing

Letting the river rage

You must carry the bird box lightly


Because life is not a cage

It is a garden

It is a dream you try to carry on


A place to hold your heart in

While you are still together

While you are still alive


And one day you will get here

One day you will arrive





Opened wide

Wings to the sky


By Julie Flanders

Photo by Oscar Keys





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