Old Boxes


Old Boxes


I found an empty box of Good

& Plenty

In a Fancy-Dan carton

Of oddnesses kept

For some reason long forgotten

In a place we had overslept

And for people

We have long since swept or wept



Forgetting is the fool’s virtue

The pawn of loss

The silly little man who takes the queen

Right off the board

Because someone wasn’t looking

Someone wasn’t paying attention

Someone was too busy

Figuring out something new to afford


You left your wallet right here

On the floor

And I almost opened it

To see what you carry

At your core

You’re not that bad


Sometimes I think I am worse

After all

I fly around here with my Mary-Poppins purse

Full of what I fear I need

And you—

You only have your wallet

A tiny leather flap of greediness

And potential

To which we are all supposed to kneel

Mystically reverential


I used to love candy

And now I know better


But I found this box

Right here

With a letter and a sandwich bag

Holding someone’s blonde hair

Cut from their head



A long time ago


And the hair still smells good

Like flowers and snow

And I don’t even know

Whose it is

Or rather whose it was

And it should not make my eyes

Tear up

This random bag of fuzz


But I know that at some time

Someone took a brush

And smoothed that hair

To a lush blonde cascade

And oh what an impression

I imagine that hair made

For that girl

Who is no longer here


Nothing I do

Can make the past appear

It is just gone

Whatever it meant

I hope it was good

And I hope there was plenty

Like a box of candy

At a movie

Where we went to laugh

And to cry

And to escape

Into something better

Than this

Ordinary human shape


By Julie Flanders





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