You Comb Her Hair

4. esteban-lopez-468824-unsplash

You Comb Her Hair



Between the ocean

And the cement

There is a broken toy

A small doll

With her legs bent back


You see her there

With an empty cup

And you bend down

To rescue her

You pick her up

Take her with you


Now she sits

On the edge of your journal

Her plastic eyes alive

She somehow fits

Just right

Into your world


You drink your coffee

Too strong

You feel a strange sense

Of longing


For your heart to calm

And for the end of your favorite song

To come

So you can go


Before you stand up

To leave the café

You know you will keep her



You walk back to the sand

And feel the ocean spray

On your face


You take the doll home

A better place

Where you can assemble

Lost and missing pieces

Life erases


Between work and play

Between reality and imagination


You hold the doll

And have a true conversation


Her hair is tangled and black

She looks at you

And you feel her listening


As if she wanted to say something


As if she wanted to love you



By Julie Flanders

Photo by Esteban Lopez





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