Orphan Castle

3. Orphan Castle. nicole-y-c-1334772-unsplash

Orphan Castle


How about

Just two of us

Sitting in the sun


Where the day has gone

Letting the light move us

Like pawns

Across a chessboard of sand

And water


You were a son

I was a daughter


We are now orphans

Parents, lovers, friends

And maybe grandparents


Before the story ends


The waves come up

To say good-bye

The birds walk

Then run

Then finally fly


We talk about things

We (always) never knew

We talk

About what we are going past

And through


Both of us

Each of us

Just us two



When you twine your fingers

Right through mine

I feel the solar system smile

And shine

Centuries of time and space

All the history between us

In your eyes

Where it won’t un-erase

Moving in lines

Across your kind face


This is enough

You know that it is

We are lucky

For every second


Lucky for the rough waters

And the stormy winds

Lucky for this one sunny day

As our last chapter ends


And our next one begins


By Julie Flanders





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