Air Guitar

2. Air Guitar

Air Guitar


The dry season began

To cough fire up the coast

The heavens opened

And dropped a smoke ghost

I saw

Walking up the highway


You once survived a tornado

In a doughnut shop

Watching the sky turn green

Seeing the funnel drop

And suck up the roofs of Nashville

Watching small worlds crash

Like matchstick villages


Santa Barbara

Firing into flood

Sliding into herself

Into mother earth

Riding toward the sea

On an artery of mud

Imagining her rebirth


The ocean is right there

In your blood

Salty and hot

Full of every creature’s guilt

And evolution

Lady Macbeth

Damning herself

And her spot

Damning the things she could not



What makes us human

What makes us whole

What makes us fluid animals

Crawling out of ourselves

In a dustbowl of stars

Thinking we are more beautiful

For our scars


I watch the traffic move through the smoke

The endless stream of heartless cars

You look at me and smile and say

Think of us instead

As guitars


And strum a song

Of yourself

While you can

I’ll sing with you

A blessing

On the house of man

Laugh or cry

Shake my head

Or nod

I know you are inviting me


Into the house

Of god


By Julie Flanders



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