One Day Soon

1. One Day Soon

One Day Soon


The garbage truck

Opens its noisy jaws

As the whole day heaves

Its contents

Into a harsh pause


You listen inward

And imagine a day

Where the breeze blows blue sky

Through fields of haystacks

And tractors roll up the soil


We put our whole lives on simmer

Waiting for something to boil


Waiting to be ready

Waiting for the world to stop rocking

And for our lives to steady

And feel safe


You watch the edges of the day chafe

As dreams frisk

Through the pile of regrets

And the debris of risks we never took

The lucky bets


I want to disappear into a book

I want to go forward without a second look

I want to go all in

Sinker, line and hook

Back onto the dream boat

Lifting us up out of the waves

To a place where we can float

Or maybe even fly

Right off the deck of the ship

Right out of the mouth of fear

Where we can cry out

Some un-shouted lullaby


I’m actually grateful to see the rubbish go

Into the belly of that truck

That now moves on

And screams down the street

Hungry enough to suck up

What we decide to get rid of


Complete muck

Coffee grounds and orange peels

Hidden in layers of withering tubers

Slithering in bags of egregious

Ooze and waste

Something so revolting we cannot stand its smell

Or imagine its taste

The taste of puke


And it moves on

Gobbling up what we offer

Without judgment or rebuke

Just an insatiable maw

Hinging open

To accept whatever fluke or treasure

Comes through


The truck moves on

Hums through to the next

As I turn back

To find the space that’s left

Reflecting the emptiness it held in



Our lives are a riot of misunderstanding and fear

Except for these few moments

Where we pause and hold our lives



Nourishing ourselves

On whatever may appear

In the disguise of a path not taken

Or a dream mistaken for a lie

Or a future we still hope to remember

Or occupy


One day soon



By Julie Flanders


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Julie Flanders Marina Belica Emil Adler
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