30. Lifeline.jean-wimmerlin-533659-unsplash


The bold ants move

Almost as one army

Tiny and fierce

They organize

To pierce a tunnel into the earth


A small lion falls

Into a deep pit of mud

His mother sees him

And feels him call out

In her blood


She moves down to rescue him

Some furry speck

She lifts from death to life

With her teeth reaching into his neck


The wind blows a shiver into us

Biting our skin

Like something carnivorous


I am told nature has its own plan

I do

And do not fully understand


Is that why I look past all of this

And wait for someone to stop

And kiss me


Maybe you will be so bold

And move to the center of something

Where crumbs are a feast


Maybe you will lift me up

And make me feel tiny

Like a kitten

In the mouth of a beast


Whatever happens next

Will be a surprise


God or animal

You move in your body

And I move in your eyes

Like some cosmic reflection

Of everything I hope for

As I fall

And you rise


I look to you

For resurrection


By Julie Flanders

Photo by Jean Wimmerlin



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