The Because of Any Word

the beacuse - flipped


In the ecstasy of the common element

We share with everything

You stare into the fractals

That are and are not a language

Are and are not a system

Are and are not a way to understand

What is both chaos and order


You are afraid of mystery

Yet you move toward her


There is and there is not a border

Where you end and she begins

There is nothing much to win

But there is so much to lose

If you choose the wrong frame

The wrong name

To say the same thing

And mean the entire

Or maybe just the partial



For example, to say I mean

Is so different from saying

You mean


I mean

You mean



There is no elephant in the room

But there is a bird of paradise

Here in her imaginings

Where you are also beautiful

She sees flowers in everything

And she knows that you do too

You stare to the center

And she stares right along with you


But there is nothing there

The red is an illusion

The bird’s beak—is it made by your eye

Or maybe by your brain

If you think too much about reality

Very little stays

Just pain


So instead you think about her

And that strange energy that pertains to love

You think about Maya Angelou

Knowing why the caged bird sings


You could say that it’s unimportant

Or you tell her

That it’s the most important

And the most urgent

Of all things


By Julie Flanders

Photo by David Hofmann




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