Morning Farewell

Morning Farewell.nasa-63032-unsplash

You pull the throttle
Until the engines burn
A ferocious turn
Ready now
To scorch the sky
You fly beyond the flint
Of your concern

There is so much
You see from here
The land
The coast
The hemisphere
You see the mountains
Rise and cough
You see the ocean
Shrug the morning off

Now you shed
Your fiery tail
A creature built
To sail the quiet
Space you seek
But can you occupy it

Now the noise
Retracts to calm
Take your capsule
Major Tom
As ground control
A tiny voice
Reminds you
That you have a choice

Close your eyes
And feel the darkness
Or open them
And take a magic carpet
Ride across
The tragic emptiness

See yourself
In this convection
Space and time
And your reflection inward

Dream of earth
And dream of Mars
Dream a highway
Made of stars

You used your life
To build this rocket
Take it skyward
Towards god’s pocket
Where time ticks more gently
Until it stops
And you leave us
With your rhapsody

Collapse the distance
To eternity
As you take this vow

To be the one
To be the future
To be the always



By Julie Flanders

Photo:  NASA



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Julie Flanders Marina Belica Emil Adler
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