Coming To

22. Coming To.brandon-couch-1925-unsplash

The rage of azaleas

Trim the porch

Where you sit


You will never fit

Back into the box

You arrived in


You want so much

To return

To find something


That holds you here

In the familiar


Where you are

Not yourself



There is a new mother

Up these steps

She is as unfamiliar

As the crazy extras

On the movie sets

You used to visit


Other fictions

Other dreams


And this other mother

Who holds a newborn

As it screams

For all the right reasons


You have seen

This porch

Through every season

It is yours


You are a stranger

At these doors


Your own mother

Is long dead

Your own daughter is

Still being born

In some imaginary bed


No one can midwife

The past

And the future

Never comes


It just stays

In the present

Where you sit

Between the azaleas

And listen

To the beat

Of dead drums


By Julie Flanders

Photo by Brandon Couch



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