Tick Tock

18. Tick Tock. time-1339975

There is a reason for the hush

In the atmosphere

You can almost see

Everything stop from here

The traffic, the people

All thought

Of the future

You stand there staring

At the clock

Cut through every suture

That used to hold the past


There is nothing it seems

That will last

Nothing that can


You say you are still

A believer

From the bottom to the top

You are right

Up there waiting

For the year to start

The ball to drop


You are going

To be different now


Will never be the same

You are not sure

Who you should thank for this

You are not sure

Who you should blame


For now the sky is full

Of fire

A kaleidoscope of flame


But at least we are all together

Flattering ourselves

That we are ready

To scatter the ashes of the year before

As if it were confetti


Some things are over

Some things are ending

You are going

To have to do some serious pretending

To get to the other side

Of these next few years


But we are all standing here


Holding fear like a flower

Watching the hands of the clock


Into the hour ahead



Make a wish

Find a star

This is who you have always been

This is who you always are


By Julie Flanders




About octoberprojectmusic

Julie Flanders Marina Belica Emil Adler
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