Dance With Me

17. Dance With Me.old-ladies

Your funny crooked walk

And the way you call people

By the wrong names

The way you talk too loud

In public places

And make the best funny faces


Dance with me backwards

Dance with me forwards

Dance with me towards the future


That’s where we’re going together

While everyone else forgets

We’ll still be creating new regrets

And making all new mistakes

I’ll give you my heart until it breaks

Again and again


And finally we laugh about it all

The way that nobody else can

Only you and me

Only me and you


With your crazy heart laugh

And the way you cover your mouth

With your hand

The way you remember things after

All wrong

Yet even better

The way you understand it

Like some brand new song

We all remember


The first time we hear it

The first time we feel it


By Julie Flanders



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