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The day is an embryo

We wait

We never know

How a life begins

Only that we are full of hope

For something

That is

The secret

We try to unlock

The gift

The curse

The unnatural shock

Of something


We count

Our blessings

More or less

We try to remember

To forget

What kind of creatures

We are not



We wait

Stumbling on

Towards heaven’s gate

We grow

We try

We hesitate

We shake ourselves

Awake and dreaming

To see the day


And streaming illusions

Of the night

We cannot tell

The real from the false


Causing us to toss

On seas of desire

On oceans of loss

No shore

In sight


The day is a child

That hasn’t been born

The sky is still

Dark and afraid to be

Torn by the light

We wait

By the water

Wrapped up

In the night

Where the stars are

Now fading

The day holding

A violent quiet

A riot

Of silence

We have come to

The edge of our way

As we know it

As we cannot stop

The clock

At least

Can we slow it down

To the speed of our hearts


The sky parts

The day begins

The burst of color comes

Blood and rust

You are the one thing

The something

I trust


The moment comes

And the moment goes away

We look at each other

We breathe in

Nothing to say


We look again

At the changing sky

We say hello

But know

We mean goodbye


By Julie Flanders



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Julie Flanders Marina Belica Emil Adler
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