Nine of Cups

15. nine of cups

The first warm glance of light

Cuts through winter’s skin

Showing cracks in its hand


Secrets rising

From within the sleeping soil

Flowers in their tight buds

Pushing, emerging, uncoiling

The faint slice of life

Shimmering green

Across the lake


As everything shivers with new life

The moon slivers itself

To make a smile

While cherry trees begin to shake

Their pink hair

Fragrant and beautiful

In the first breath of spring air


We have folded up

And left behind

The dark Novembers of the mind

As if we never felt the sting of days

Where birds forgot to sing

And trees were left naked

In the cold haze

Surrounding everything


We walk

The cracked and swollen asphalt path

That leads us

Past the last of winter’s wrath

To see

The leaves above us on the trees

Wave goodbye

In ruffled green and velvet sleeves


A whisper

As the last of winter leaves


By Julie Flanders



About octoberprojectmusic

Julie Flanders Marina Belica Emil Adler
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