Prometheus Rebound

14. prometheus

We are creatures of the flesh

Made of used and ancient parts

Born to suffer the desire

Raging through us


Fire eats the north Pacific

As the sun sets beatific glances

On the ocean

Where it drowns


Finally the night recovers

Waves of ash across the forest

Dying sparks of star-crossed lovers

Disappear without a sound


We were never that specific

As we made our Christmas wishes

Full of heartache and emotion


Always fresh to each encounter

Let the future be surmounted

By the faith in something better


As we struggle to unfetter

What we love from what we alter

Best intentions fading

As we falter

Into spirit


See the monster

Learn to fear it

Burn your way to finally clear it

From your land


Know the skin of these disguises

No one human recognizes


Who has brought these primal fires

Electric into angry wires

Made by man


We must dive in deeper waters

Dying suns

And fertile daughters

We must pass

The stars we’re made of

Into selves we’re unafraid of

Burning bright above the traffic

The meteor that finally crashes



We were never built to last

We are guilty of the past

A creature made to trip

The light fantastic


Our fate has cast us


To wear our costume for a time

Strut the stage

Commit the crime

And burn the coasts

Absurd, sublime

Forgetting we are hungry ghosts

Of time


About octoberprojectmusic

Julie Flanders Marina Belica Emil Adler
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