11. teddy2

I sit like a well-chewed toy

Loved and safe in the corner

Where I remember a distracted boy


You would look elsewhere

I would look at you


I can still smell your breath

I can still feel you nibble through my defenses

I would pour out everything inside me

For you


The cotton fluff that I am made of

And all the other stuff that makes me me

For you


I would split my seams

So you would know how I laugh

A silent scream

At your jokes


I wear a permanent smile

And my one good eye never blinks

My stare has never broken

Toward you


One day we will lie down together

And you will sleep


And I will lie there with my lashes

Forever glued open to my forehead

With my cloth tongue

Wishing it could taste your dreams


You are safe with me

You are everything to me


As time streams forward

I am always moving toward you

Never away


Where you put me I will stay

Waiting for you to find me



Where I will give my whole self

For your sake


By Julie Flanders





About octoberprojectmusic

Julie Flanders Marina Belica Emil Adler
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