Diving Once

6. diving once.christopher-campbell


Down to the bottom of the lake

Searching now

For something that will take you

All the way

All the way down


Hold your breath

The last one you will take

Leaving the surface

You break through

The current moving you

All the way down


You will not breathe

Until you come back


The water is cold and black

But there is treasure to be found

From the last one who tried

And drowned


You are in the quiet now

No sound but your own heart


Lift your eyes

What a long way back to grace

You will need

To surface

To face the inerasable fear

The last one

That is immeasurable in this space

Bigger than you are

But you are

Still moving for its treasure


So do not breathe

Until you can

Dig through the darkness

Through the sand

Until there is treasure

In your hand


You know the cost

Of what is lost and found

You are through the silence now

The only sound is your heart

Beating you back

To the surface

And to land


By Julie Flanders

Photo by Christopher Campbell







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