5. Aftermath.Valerie Black


To escape your fear

Did you marry it

Put your dreams in a basket

So you could carry it through the forest


Did you think you would

Make it through the woods

Did you think your hood

Would get you to the other side

Hands in your pocket

As if you could hide from the wolf


I never wanted to tell you

There are no heroes

There is no one there

Only zeroes and emptiness

So keep your feet safely on the path

Find your way

Through the aftermath


You need an eclipse

You need a poem

You need a miracle

To find your way home


How I wish you were here

If I believe enough

Can I make you appear

Right there

Where you used to be

Right there

On the other side of me

A vision of life

Coming back to reality

Coming back

To the things I can’t see


After a long trip across the darkness

Will I find you

Like a surprise

No more fear in your eyes


Will you drop your disguise

So I can see you


By Julie Flanders

Photo by Valerie Black



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